Saturday, December 1, 2007

NBC Special - African American Women

This is what I posted on their message boards regarding their upcoming show, which is currently streaming online about BW and interracial dating.

Now, before you read this be warned that this is probably the hardest hitting words that I've ever written. I have to give props to the Black man who is the VP of NBC News for caring enough to ensure this Special on African American women was made and THEN aired. Hold on brotha, it's going to be a bumpy ride from now on!!!

As the author of the book, Black Women Need Love, Too!, I suggest that BW date outside the race because the BM who are supposed to be equals to BW with some type of education or accomplishment are running from BW for no ligitimate reason, except the media told them to by displaying too many high-profile celebrities looking happy as can be with non-Black women. The White controlled media have lied about us by their actions to keep the status quo that Black is inferior.

There is no other recorded history in the world that tells of widespread love, than the Black music of the 50's and 60's. The strongest thing that destroyed Black love is this racist environment and media who CONSTANTLY shows images of BM abandoning or loving anyone other than one of us.

The division of Black love began once White people saw the power of the Black race during the civil rights movement and then plan by plan destroyed it. First with the Daddy was a welfare check trick, influx of crack and drugs into our communities, and the "We Sa Sick, Massa" residual Negro slave mentality.

Black love was a threat and it was slated for dismantling just like African unity of the African captured human being forced into slavery with different tribes and language barriers. It's all about the "We sa sick, Massa" mentality, which must always be present and the main attribute that Whites and non-Blacks seek to discover when they meet or hire a Black person.

Racism is ridiculous and silly, plus based on a selfish premise that White life should be happier and more plentiful than any other race. Unfair and selfish.

Integration hasn't worked for the Black race and now Black men are in real trouble due to their lack of manhood training (as providers and protectors) and pride that when BW get with WM like BM have abandoned their responsibility to BW, they won't have any one else to put down but their selves, which is already happening with the high homicide rates.
Wow! What a manipulated brainwashed group too many of us are.

Call it washing out Blackness, even though Black is dominate. I guess the powers that be said, "heck let's try to do it anyways".

BW will win in all this interracial dating/marrying because it is WM who own everything, have all the power, and it is WW who are takers and the biggest slave masters of all--enslaving White (and Black) resourceful husbands and historically the main benefactor of Black enslavement, to which she didn't even have to travel to Africa and pick none of us up, but got the best use out of us none-the-same.

This is a look into the future. I wonder if the numbers grow significantly with BW getting the cream of the White crop of men, will the racist media start slowing down their promotion of Black men with non-Black women. Currently, there are probably 50 images of Black men with non-Black women to 1 (one) Black women with non-Black man image. How evil those odds are because everyone knows the Black man is missing in the Black race family and to promote the increase of that harmful deficit is demonism leading to our annihiliation.

Order your copy of Black Women Need Love, Too! to learn how we can stop this B.S.; after all, Black males are our sons!

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